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Premature Ejaculation. Causes And Solutions Sexology

We found that premature ejaculation is the main condition that is related to male sexual health at the high rate of men who suffer around the world. Specifically, she is described as the inability to delay or stop ejaculation during sex to the point of being a mutual problem for partners. Basically Premature ejaculation may be primary or secondary. The first condition implies that man has always suffered from the dysfunction that has never been able to lead a satisfactory sexual life, usually as a result of a bad practice of masturbation in puberty and / or adolescence. As for the secondary premature ejaculation is one that is experienced at some stage of maturity by several factors whether a psychological or organic. This found that individuals living with this problem for long stages of his life, are much more likely to suffer from impotence and other sexual pathology.

As to the reasons or circumstances cause premature ejaculation or yield, can be noted mainly of psychological or emotional, that condition a slippage in feelings, leading to the excitation increases rapidly, the obvious trigger orgasm. In a very short percentage, the dysfunction is associated with urological problems, infectious or age. No one can speak of a cure for erectile dysfunction because it is not a disease but a dysfunction that should be offset by a re-education of behavior and response to sensations perceived in the sexual act, that is exercised properly and technically in search of the target. A good alternative is to apply the squeeze technique known where the man masturbates to be as close to ejaculation, when you squeeze your penis firmly reversing the arrival of orgasm. The disciplined practice and extended this technique, the individual will eventually acquire more control over their ejaculatory reflex. Also available are as known Kegel exercises, which are themselves focused on increasing the strength of the pelvic muscles of men with the aim of this contribution to a better sexual performance. However, if you actually take seriously the fight against premature ejaculation, there are treatments available to attack the problem substantially and guarantee a full recovery.

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Free Tarot

It is presented in this article Free Spins Friend Tarot. There are nine different runs, which may guide the client in various situations in your life, whether to a specific question, or with the desire to know the destination in more general terms. Tarot Friend offers nine different varieties of tarot free. Each has a different meaning and scope, but all have the common denominator to provide a quality cast, supported by the tarot on our site. Not surprisingly, Rocio Meli and Carmen, are sought by individuals from around the world for their divinatory skills of birth, making their circulation experiences. Through service Tarot Free Tarot Friend, you can access short-range runs, ideal to answer a specific question, as well as to runs of more temporal projection, giving the possibility to have a greater visual events on can happen in the future in the medium and long term. The circulation of the cross section that offers free tarot Friend Tarot is based on the symbolism of the cross, a powerful symbol-laden senses present in all cultures. The first letter shows the personality of the client.

It represents what the person is at that moment, not totally in your life. None arcanum might assume that value. What can reflect this first position is how the client is reflected with regard to the circumstances surrounding it. From this first letter, the rest of the nine letters that make up the cast-off subjects well reflect the person’s life: what dangers lurk what, and who can count, and who is not. The circulation of the Celtic Cross is another proposal Tarot Free tarot Amigo.

It is based on consists of ten letters, and its scope is timely, limited to a circumstance or a question that the consultant has. It has the advantage of analyzing this issue in a very specific, looking at all aspects that relate to it. In more general terms spins, which can make a more general view of the querent’s life, Chuck Astrological menu Amigo Tarot Free tarot is the right answer. There are thirteen letters which may well provide a complete portrait of life in general and the future of the person making the query. The Sentimental Chuck Cross, as its name implies, is the proposed Free Tarot tarot Friend who will help the client to understand the often complex emotional relationships that a person can experience. Do you have questions about the person who is with you? Do not know how to proceed with a gesture that made him? “Love or friendship? All these answers, in the sentimental spin Tarot Free Tarot Amigo. Be sure to visit the site of Tarot Amigo. Be amazed at the variety of rolls you can find, and surely find the right one for your personal situation at that time.

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Studies Of The Elderly Are Getting Old

Gerontology studies the status of the elderly in society and how it affects the aging process. In this regard, in the case of social gerontology should be to his credit academic subjects such as sociology of aging, social work, music therapy, Psycho. This emphasizes professional practice issues such as recreation, evaluation of the daily activities of older persons, inclusive policies in different social strata. The main objective is the maintenance of the elderly within the family. The latter being the receptacle of preventive care and support for better quality of life at older ages.

Relatives are not always able to provide such care to aging. Hence institutionalization process, ie, entering the so-called nursing homes, or Geriatric geriatric units, long-stay units, among others, is presented as an alternative. This situation and the aging population worldwide, make professional social gerontology as a bulwark in the struggle for better living conditions for older adults. Social gerontology is responsible for the development of research on social problems related to old age, and the design and implementation of actions designed to achieve the welfare of the elderly in the social context impacting on physical aspects, social protection, education old age, old family-community interaction and institutionalization, among others. Two aspects are important within the discipline, research and community work, with strong emphasis in the preventive area. The research is theoretical, diagnostic and many of the social gerontology practice, which is channeled through the design and implementation of policies and programs. The results obtained in the evaluation and follow-up practice back to nourish the body of research, which thus acquires new elements of study. If you want to know more about log on .

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Chinese Medicinal Plants

In India and China, the use of plants as part of the medicine for at least 2000 years. In Brazil we have a reasonable knowledge of how to use these plants, most users use the herbs in a wrong or ineffective, fashion is still a way to find medicinal plants, however ephemeral. The materials in scientific journals do not make use of medicinal plants in some cases, even dangerous, but the television reports follow a format to be used by magazines such as consulting experts in the area. The local and state where most people acquire herbs is another problem that can even become a health threat, many herbs are sold on the street or exposed to the fairs and outdoor markets of the street, where correct these plants are packaged and sold to benefit accordingly. I had the opportunity to see plants and sun-dried and packaged to be sold on the streets.

These plants have no active ingredient, and may be contaminated by microorganisms. Another problem of lack of knowledge about the use of herbal medicines and the dosage and use, as depending on the plant can be effective or not, and if the dose is low can not have the desired effect if high can poisoning Lead and adverse effects. I knew a case where the person bought from vendors using herbs for weight loss, took a one-liter bottle with the three types of herbs in a day, which was about 10 times the recommended dose, the result was probably a change hormone that caused the opposite effect and the effect was weight gain, more than triple what they had before in a short time. It is still very common the following recipes from relatives or neighbors, without the knowledge of herbs, but this is another serious risk that health can even increase as in the case of using fruit juice to the star probably indicated by chronic renal media, this juice worsening situation of these patients because it is rich in potassium, which is not filtered by the kidneys and becomes toxic to the body. Knowledge through popular names of plants can create doubts and misunderstandings in their use, as the case of spine and there are several species that are sold under this name, some of them with a proven effect of the plant extract. Education for medicinal plants should be encouraged in society, as it is and will always be used by people in search of healing and improve quality of life.

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English Project

(PROENA 1997, p 05). So that the motor abilities are extended are imperative that if it gives to the child property to play them. Putting into motion itself is of great biological, psychological, social value and cultural, a time that, is through the performance of the movements that the people interact with the environment, becoming related with the others, perceiving on itself, its limits, abilities and deciding difficulties. 3,2 CORPORAL CONSCIENCE the term ‘ ‘ project corporal’ ‘ it was created by the English neurologist Henry Head in 1911, is about a permanent reference that allows to construct a postural model of we ourselves.

(LE BOULCH, 1986 and PINK GRANDSON, 2002). As Wallon (1968) Apud Meur (1989), ‘ ‘ project corporal’ ‘ it is a basic element in the formation of the personality of the child. It is the global and differentiated representation that the child has of its proper body. The notion of the body in a psicomotora comment results of the sinestsica tactile organization, vestibular contest and proprioceptiva. It can be assigned as: ‘ ‘ project postural’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ project corporal’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ image of si’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ somatopsiquico’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ image of I corporal’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ image of corpo’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ space image of corpo’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ image of ours corpo’ ‘ among others. (MEUR, 1989). The child using the body as equipment for the action uses three responsible systems for the development of the corporal project, the interoceptivo, the proprioceptivo and the exteroceptivo. Its relation with the way, objects and people allows it to know the parts of its body. (VELASCO, 1996) For VAYER (1989), relation exists enters the evolution of the corporal project (conscience and control of the proper body, independence would segment, independence right-left) and certain manifestations of intelligence (verbal and graphical expression, capacities of percipient attention, orientation and organization in the space).

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