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Expertise combined learning and efficient networking of Stuttgart, 14.01.2014 based on the special needs of the pharmacy team and of the everyday in the pharmacy offers the new education and training program of GEHE Academy a wide and customizable basis for the continuing education needs of the pharmacy. The offer of GEHE Academy with approximately 750 events on more than 100 topics addressed in all pharmacy employees in Germany regardless of, whether or not the pharmacy is go customer. Expertise through combined learning and efficient networking! GEHE Academy seminar, team training, opts for a combined learning, in which the learning formats live eLearning and online training individually tailored to the training needs of pharmacy can be combined according to your heart’s content. This innovative form of learning organization combines the advantages of self-learning phases, class lectures, as well as time – and location-independent training opportunities on the Internet. As a result, you will “Effectiveness and flexibility of e-learning both with the social aspects of the face-to-face communication” linked to the practical learning and implement in the pharmacy as well.

The goal is the enhancement of team knowledge of pharmacy, as well as the active perceptible to the consumer advice by an efficient network of knowledge and experts. With more than 32,000 participants and around 750 events is GEHE Academy for more than 25 years one of the leading training partners for pharmacies in Germany.

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