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Brazilian Forest Code

In the sequence and, as soon as the term will be signed by the proprietor, and regitered the legal reserve in the school registration, the Only Ambient License – LAU will be emitted. Currently the LAU is valid per 10 years for the activities of cattle agriculture and. FOREST LEGISLATION AND LEGAL RESERVE the Brazilian forest law was instituted in 1934 and passed for some alterations in its dimension and purpose throughout history, what it culminated in the creation of the instrument of ambient management called Legal Reserve in the end of the decade of 1980. However, according to Joels (2000) apud Padilha Jnior (2004, P. 14), ' ' the concern in preserving part of the bushes of the country properties is well old in our country. Already it was present at the time of Brazil Colony, when the adjusted wooden scarcity, for construction of the boats of the fleet portuguesa' '. The Decree n 23,793 of 23/01/1934, the first Brazilian Forest Code, instituted ' ' the obligatoriness of agricultural proprietor in preserving part of its property for the maintenance of ecosystems naturais' ' (RIGONATTO and WALNUT, 2007, P. 2).

The related Law determined that ' ' no land proprietor covered with original native bushes could abate 75% of the existing vegetation more than, except if they were situated properties next to small forests or urban zone, or if they transformed the heterogeneous forest vegetation into homognea' ' (BACHA, 1993, apud, RIGONATTO and WALNUT, 2007, P. 2). The idea of forest reserve is kept in as the Forest Code, Law n 4,771/65 of 15/09/1965, with mention to the legal reserve, being valid for forests of private domain and with percentages of 20% for properties of the regions Southern, South East and Center-West, and of 50% for properties of the region North and the part north of the region Center-West (BRAZIL, 1965).

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