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Carlos Haushofer

Keep in mind that you must not press it before rounding it up, take advantage of the difficult moments that arise to attack. You should prevent your competitors to join against thee and wanting to take out of the market. Check out Richard Linklater for additional information. If there are powerful alliances avoid attacking them. If you consider necessary to attack, first split your enemy (competitor) allies. Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer. Nicolas Machiavelli so you’ll know in advance that what hatch and so you can anticipate to their movements.

4. The space: does not fight in a Gorge in the same manner as in a plain. It considers what exists around you, and the best way to move. Where? It considers attacking only in your strong, i.e., in the field where you are good. No te metas to niche markets that you do not correspond. A company may not succeed in its external front (market) without having done in-house; improving its administration, having an efficient organizational structure, conquering its employees, etc.

who have the space, has the power of Carlos Haushofer. 5. The strategy: the best Warrior is one who planned his fight. How? As a strategist, it is essential to not only determine where there are weaknesses and attack there, but also have a plan B when the situation becomes difficult. We can attack creating new products or services, generating added value to existing ones, attacking other niche markets or entering new geographic markets. A curtain of deception is helpful so that the enemy never knows what is really happening. In this way any action be surprise for the enemy, thus achieving an advantage for our army. If you continue doing always the same, you’ll always get the same results. To get something new, you have to do something different Albert Einstein. Conclusion: In war as in business, where you’ll always deal with someone that makes you competition, is important to be clear about the objective of combat, have the plan and suitable allies, attack and know where and when to do it. The correct way is to first attack the enemy’s strategy; then break its alliances; and finally to attack his army.

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