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Chess In Schools

Summary: The objective of this article is comparativily to analyze the conflituosa interaction between language, thought and relationship and the paper of the psicopedagogia as element-key to conciliate this adversity and to transform the conditioning critical of the relation enters the three above-mentioned factors in way for the pedagogical development. The instruments for this analysis are the chess game, the classic biography of Robert James Fischer and workmanships in the area of the psychological pedagogia. Word-key: Psicopedaggica tension; chess; Bobby Fischer. You may want to visit Kindle Direct Publishing to increase your knowledge. Abstract: The aim of this paper is you comparatively analyze the conflicting interaction between language, thought and relationship and the rolls of the Psychopedagogy a key element you reconcile this adversity and transform the critical conditioning of the relationship between the three factors above in the path will be the pedagogical development. The instruments will be this pedagogy. Keywords: Psychopedagogical stress; chess; Bobby Fischer.

Introduction The cognitivo development as base for the development of the society has been a psicopedaggico axiom from where they derive innumerable assertive practical theoreticians and. The historical canon that converges to this factor perpassa names as Jean Piaget, Lev Semenovitch Vygotsky, Walter Benjamin, Ferdinand Saussurre and, in more tangential way, for being about playful language with practical application, Edgar Allan Poe, Aldous Huxley and William Shakespeare. In the area of the intrinsic communication to the language Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver with the workmanship are distinguished that he concerns to the mathematical theory of the communication and Norbert Wiener, with the classic Cybernetics and Society, the human use of human beings. However, all these authors need to deal directly or indirectly with the classic tension between language, thought e> relationship. The two first factors walk for the solution of a problem that has order practical and direct and the last one needs to deal with the natural impediment of a mechanist line, that is the involving subjectivity to the emotional fragility of each individual.

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