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All accelerating the approach of humanity to the upper threshold of the mental plane of consciousness initiates a new approach to all areas of physical existence, including the science. Campbell Soup Co shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Becomes clear already "self- evident "that there is no absolutely soulless life, but there is always a life in the spirit. Another thing is that the spiritual component may be so small that it does not noticeable, or so much that a person loses the physical realities of this world. In any case, every concrete manifestation of life is quite certain place a bipolar system, at one extreme of which is matter, and another spirit. However, given can not exist one without the other, keep in mind that this bipolar system is not linear, but is part of another, more complex and highly organized system, representation is still difficult to human mind in his limited consciousness.

However, using the already friendly relations between the energies of this level of Being, the world comes the need to reconstruct their ideas, for centuries dominated the people's minds. First and foremost, in these views is necessary to introduce the existence of a spiritual basis, which destroys the materialistic attitudes and materialistic basis of physical existence. The world today is moving from the concept of "Being determines consciousness "to the definition of what" consciousness determines being "afraid and worried understanding of this fact, but it's worth the inevitable recognition of it as the new cornerstone of its existence. In This situation is extremely important to correctly identify the initial priorities and understand the true relationship, as between the categories, and among the physical quantities, quantities of energy and information, interaction and interdependence energy flows and matter, and consciousness.

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