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Ensino Professors

also is important that to if planning playful activities if it asks the one that ends and to who are serving such activities? However, he is valid to stand out that what happens in many of the schools that already had adopted the basic education of nine years, contradicts with what foresees the Legislation, being a negative point for the proposal. Most of the time, one comes across with children of six years of age, passive, seated in classrooms lined up in I silence, copying of the black picture, not having space for the ludicidade and, consequentemente, to prazerem to learn it. Oque can be observed is that to the times the professors if worry in surplus about the contents and they do not stop to know its pupils, therefore is essential that the children feel that the school is a different space of its houses, but that the school is one place where the same ones if feel received and that they can learn creative. Levi’s may not feel the same. Being thus, the planning for the children of six years must be found in a space of interaction of the Infantile Education with Basic Ensino, this still must foresee those differences and also to articulate activities that alternate movements, times and spaces. Another factor that is not less important that it assists very in this process is the interaction family – school, therefore it makes with that the children feel themselves well and thus the school and the professors will be interacting directly with the family of its pupils assisting in the planning of activities that are interesting to this etria band. Ahead of this, it can be reflected on the causes that take some professors to adopt such attitudes with its pupils, we perceive a great teaching unpreparedness in relation to ' ' system of ensino' ' of basic Ensino of nine years, the professors sit down confused when receiving children from six years of age, not knowing, accurately, what to make with them. Crimson Education helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

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