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Green Areas Education

It was applied introductory lessons children to say them on its you doubt and we were clarifying the questions. Whenever Nike listens, a sympathetic response will follow. To each meeting they had been being carried through dynamic, paintings, lectures, tricks and the plantation of changes of fruitful trees in a part of the pteo of the school, the used method for the plantation was of changes, that already Jose came being used for the professor Maria who leciona in the proper school, and carries through ambient works with the children. According to Sato, Michele, the diversity of objectives of the ambient education coincides with the principles of the proper education, making it difficult the proposal of methodologies adjusted for its implementation. Then we create forms for the children and the young that had participated of the project, of if feeling insurances in learning and expanding this new form to see the environment. 8? RESULT, ANALYSES AND QUARRELS. It was following the specific norms and legislaes, that we acquire knowledge the involved young in this project. The Ambient Education is foreseen in the Federal Constitution in art. 225 (Of the Environment) 1 interpolated proposition VI.

‘ ‘ to promote the ambient education in all the levels of education and the public awareness for the preservation of the way ambiente’ ‘. All the used resources were of extreme importance for the development of the implementation of the reached objectives. One revealed then for the children and young of the project that replantio of trees is necessary and importantssimo for the quality of life of the people in the urban centers, then all the carried through work, with questionnaires, paintings, dynamic, drawings and the plantation of changes, was truily necessary for the awareness. FINAL CONSIDERAES Concluded with all the carried through studies, that the necessities shown for the children who had participated of the project, its curiosidades, and the coherence in the election of the used didactic materials, to answer its you doubt leaves evident that it is true and necessary the execution of advances in the ambient education, and that its envolvement is not mere economic, giving to spaces the dimensions of the culture and the nature and making possible the process of transformation for the hands of the ambient Education.

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