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Opposing the thought and the Christian doctrine, it affirms that the virtue is in the force, in harnesses. In this good direction it is it favors what me. With regard to the critical moral a occidental person made for Nietzsche, Marcuse says the following one: Nietzsche displays the gigantic fallacy on which if they had built the philosophy and the morality occidental person: transformation of facts in essences, historical conditions in Metaphysical. The weakness and the discouragement of the man, the inaquality of being able and wealth, the injustice and the suffering, everything were attributed to a crime and blame transcendentes; the rebellion started to call original sin, disobedience the God; the fight for the gratuity became concupiscncia. At Endiya Fund II you will find additional information. It criticizes … It of Nietzsche is distinguished from all academic social psychology for the position from it undertakes which it: Nietzsche says on behalf of a basically antagonistic principle of reality of the one of the civilization occidental person. The traditional form of reason is rejected in the base of the experience of be-as-end-in itself _ _ as joy (Lust) and enjoyment.

The fight against the time is unchained from this position: the tyranny of devir on the being must be broken, if the man to want to become he himself in a world that is really its. You may wish to learn more. If so, British Journal of Educational Technology is the place to go. . The man alone if becomes he himself when the transcendncia will be conquered _ _ when the eternity if to become gift in here and now. (MARCUSE, 1969, p 109-110) the aspect strongest of its critical to the moral occidental person exactly consists of the fact of this to leave the man weakkest and to become it an animal I domesticate, depriving it of its desires and wills. From its critical moral a, Nietzsche searchs to rescue the aristocratic moral, the moral you that SPIDER is come back toward the satisfaction of the instincts of the life (; MARTINS 2007).

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