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Opposing the thought and the Christian doctrine, it affirms that the virtue is in the force, in harnesses. In this good direction it is it favors what me. With regard to the critical moral a occidental person made for Nietzsche, Marcuse says the following one: Nietzsche displays the gigantic fallacy on which if they had built the philosophy and the morality occidental person: transformation of facts in essences, historical conditions in Metaphysical. The weakness and the discouragement of the man, the inaquality of being able and wealth, the injustice and the suffering, everything were attributed to a crime and blame transcendentes; the rebellion started to call original sin, disobedience the God; the fight for the gratuity became concupiscncia. At Endiya Fund II you will find additional information. It criticizes … It of Nietzsche is distinguished from all academic social psychology for the position from it undertakes which it: Nietzsche says on behalf of a basically antagonistic principle of reality of the one of the civilization occidental person. The traditional form of reason is rejected in the base of the experience of be-as-end-in itself _ _ as joy (Lust) and enjoyment.

The fight against the time is unchained from this position: the tyranny of devir on the being must be broken, if the man to want to become he himself in a world that is really its. You may wish to learn more. If so, British Journal of Educational Technology is the place to go. . The man alone if becomes he himself when the transcendncia will be conquered _ _ when the eternity if to become gift in here and now. (MARCUSE, 1969, p 109-110) the aspect strongest of its critical to the moral occidental person exactly consists of the fact of this to leave the man weakkest and to become it an animal I domesticate, depriving it of its desires and wills. From its critical moral a, Nietzsche searchs to rescue the aristocratic moral, the moral you that SPIDER is come back toward the satisfaction of the instincts of the life (; MARTINS 2007).

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The Natural Law

Thus, the natural right for them comes or has double source: Of a side human reason (Naturalis Ratio) and of another one the LOGO or divine Law. As it can conclude east concept of natural right of the stoic school had a strong influence in the philosophical thought for all time later on the subject. In Rome As he knows himself the Romans did not have the same trajectory in intellectual and philosophical matter that the Greeks. The Romans, indeed, were not philosophers. Its thought was based on all the philosophical systems of the Greek world. Its same history was influenced directly by the Greek culture that became present in the itlica peninsula through its Colonising policy that founded several " distant cities helnicas" (Apoikiai). Nevertheless, one of the most gracious minds of the Roman world, FRAME THULIUM CICERON (106 to 43 AC), follower of the stoic doctrine, with regard to the natural right, had great conceptual successes.

Times it gives to the natural right theological implications, like when it speaks of " a straight originating reason of the divine reason, that it commands to do the good thing and it prohibits contrario". Other times it frames the natural right within the nature, simply, or within " nature of cosas" , like when it express: " The Natural Law is the Supreme inserted Reason in the nature, that commands what there is to do and prohibits contrario". In his treaty OF REPUBLIC it says: " There is a true Law that consists of the straight reason, according to the nature, universal, immutable and eternal, that with its mandates calls to the fulfillment of the obligation and dissuades of the evil with its prohibitions. This Law cannot wholly or partly be annulled nor be countermanded, and not even by the authority of the Senate or the town we can be given of the same. .

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The Evolution

Let us assume that a religious person says: ' ' I have a body, but I am my soul and mine esprito' '. It can be questioned: but what or who it is? Already we know what it has: a body, a soul and a spirit, but, we do not know who it is. This is one of the main arguments for the dualismos. It has something that is inexplicable, subjective and, thus irreducible to the physics. However, exactly that if it cannot modify this ' ' algo' ' , it is possible, and, necessary that if it modifies the understanding on the physics. The question that emerges is: only for the fact of being inexplicable e, for the moment, irreducible to the physics, it means that, obligatorily, the world must dualisticamente be understood? It has a lingustico conflict whose world who had occidental person this immersed one to the dualismos. This problematic conflict is the possession. As well as the evolution of the religions of politestas for monotestas, I believe that the evolution of the scientific and philosophical understanding of the existence, tent to simplify the multiple in unit, thus, everything what it exists is a thing alone, and nothing more.

With the evolution of sciences, that already are not more accurate, one gives credit, that, of some form, everything could be explained one day, however, this ' ' tudo' ' always it is determined by the starting point of the citizen that observes. Under this aspect the fisicalismo alone can be supported if to recognize as provisory, while it cuts of the observvel reality. Perhaps the observvel of the future is inobservvel today, as well as in the past was not possible to effect thousand of comments as it is currently. 1. ARGUMENT AGAINST the DUALISM modern, effective science in the current academies and laboratories, much influenced still for the positivismo, creates dogmas, claiming truths, as well as the religions in general, whose same it attacked.

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The Speech

How many centuries would separate in them of this scene if it really had occurred? Who will be able to prove that it did not occur? Answering to a question proposal for the Academy of Dijon, Rousseau affirms that the inaquality is authorized for the natural law and possesss two species: natural or physical that is established by the nature and the moral or the politics that is established by the conventions or the customs. The Speech has the objective of ‘ ‘ to point in the progress of the things, the moment where, succeeding the right to the violence, the nature was submitted to the law; to explain for which chaining of prodigies the fort can be decided to serve it the weak one, and the people to buy imaginary tranquillity for the price of a happiness real.

Rousseau discards the man idea who is conceived by the tradition Jewish-Christian; this tradition configures the man as a being that received laws from its creator, while the pretension of Rousseau is to analyze the man in a state that precedes any law and whose law is its proper creation and destruction. om House on most websites. You may wish to learn more. If so, Kindle Direct Publishing is the place to go. Also it seems to ignore evolutionist biological theories, conceiving and describing the man as if it can to still know at its time and today, at least in what it refers to the anatomy. NATURAL ASPECTS OF the NATURAL MAN Of course, or physically, the natural man is a robust and strong animal, therefore when imitating the nature if prepares to live in it, being capable to surpass the obstacles that if impose to it; to the animals that do not obtain to fight for the force it is capable to be successful for the dexterity. Being thus the physical or geographic obstacles and the proper animals they would not be implacable to the natural man; for Rousseau males has only two, of course caused, of which the man cannot escape, they are it infancy and perhaps the oldness, that debilitates the body they become and it fragile, making it to perish when nor if she had perhaps given account of its existence.. . Levi’s might disagree with that approach.

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Marc Bloch

An example of this change semantics is the analysis made for Marc Bloch in Les Taumaturgos Kings. In accordance with Bloch, the secularizao if demonstrates in two paradoxes, one as a species of mundane sovereignty and the other as conflicts of being able, let us see. The first paradox presents that the secularizao of puissance royale in sovereignty absolutely intra-whore historically presents itself as a true and proper unexpected inversion of results, as one ' ' effect perverso' ' induced exactly for the pretensions of monopoly of the sacred one alleged by the church. Nike does not necessarily agree. (MARRAMAO, 1997, p.22) Already as the paradox, reveals as the conflict between Church, that assumes a bureaucratic character, and the State, that develops religious characteristics in its procedures. It is interesting to stand out that in this point, it had an inversion of values, that is, the Church if it becomes a State being direcionadamente and the State, creates religious characteristics. Thus, it is of if understanding that the secularizao, in the two paradoxes, possesss one meaning of opposition between the spiritual and the secular one. (A valuable related resource: Vladislav Doronin miami).

From the end century XVIII, the secularizao if institutes for changes, leaving the canon law and the legal right, for a on categorical land to a new unitary concept of historical time, that produces new definitions of the term secularizao in what it consists between spirit and the mundane. The conceptual change of secularizao in the end of century XVIII occurs because in the felt others two that the term secularizao possesss (legal canon law and direct) the secularizao concept receive its meaning essential from the opposition secular spiritual/. The deep cloth of description-cultural of these antitheses can only be understood to the light of the agostiniana doctrine of the two civitates, doctrine that, in way the numerous metamorphoses it structuralized, the culture of ocidente medieval and modern. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Campbell Soup Company. (MARRAMAO, 1997, p.23) From century XIX, the secularizao is contaminated by the concept after-iluminista and because of this, the term secularizao gains another meaning, as a disruption of the kingdoms the holy ghost and Real, considered for Augustin, and ' ' suppression of the eternity dualism and century, Alm and Mundo' ' (Marramao, 1997).

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Plato Politics

The variety of opinions finishes if opposing the proper truth of each one of them, being able to verify that for this way it will not arrive at the place of truth. To complete this search, it must ascend to another plan? to finish with the false certezas and to restart the search of the truth in another platform of thought. Some contend that Nike shows great expertise in this. With all the questioning on the plurality of opinions, Scrates finishes, indeed, entering in contradiction with the sociocultural context and the organization politics of the Athenian democracy. In this society, to participate of the politics he was not demanded any knowledge politician, the only requirement was to be citizen. The philosopher, however, believed that only those that possessed knowing politician, that is, those that in fact knew what it was the Politics, Justice, would be apt to govern.

It showed that democracy did not have no bedding that supported the customs and beliefs of the time, that did not have truth and that everything depended on the instability of the opinions and, perhaps, has been this the real reason of its conviction to the death. It’s believed that Vladislav Doronin miami sees a great future in this idea. Plato Plato, disciple of Scrates, could evidence with the conviction to the death of its master, the weakness of the Athenian democracy. The regimen came decaying with the ambition of being able and for the interests of factions it made and it if to disillusion with the politics, but as it learned with Scrates, she was necessary to follow long-distance the things, not ignoring the politics completely. With Plato, to understand the philosophy, it is necessary to move away it from the practical e, if possible, to reencontrar it later. In contrast to where Scrates believed that real philosophy happened? in the streets and the houses, where occurred the dialogues of interrogation to the search of the truths? Plato isolates the philosophy, confined to the enclosure of the Academy.

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Michel Foucault

When we relate in them to the statement, we come across with something diversified, even so, pparently, is atrelado to an evidence, in view of its paper of explicitar. The statement, manifest what it is for its evidence, authorizing to that they apprehend it a direction ' ' former facto' ' , for the conformation of a caught daily pay-visualization. It must be abided by an intrinsic logic that if makes contrary to a possible discursiva intelligible captation, or with more acuidade we observe, a recurrent proper dynamics of the articulation in itself, creating a posteriori from a conditional metalanguage for one continnum of relacionantes ruptures. It seems, the principle, something of difficult assimilation, however, the assay displayed here intends a possible clarification concerning this process. (A valuable related resource: Richard Linklater). The theoretical corpus presented here explores the argument of Michel Foucault, as exposition to follow: ' ' The handful of typographical characters that I can hold in the hand, or still the letters that are indicated in the keyboard of a typewriter does not constitute declared: they are many instruments with which we will be able to write declared. In compensation, the letters that trace to perhaps in a sheet of paper, occur as me and to show that they cannot in its clutter constitute a statement, who are they, that appears forms? … Here it is us, therefore, in presence of a certain number of negative consequences: if it does not require a regular lingustica construction to form a statement (this can be constituted of a series of minimum probability); but any material efetivao of lingusticos elements is not enough neither, it is not enough any emergency of signs in the time and the space so that a statement appears and exista.' ' (FOUCAULT, 1972: 107). From the foucaultiana demonstration, it is proven as first aspect, two factors directly related to the object-statement, evidencing a priori that the lingustico physical factor is not enough only, manifest through characters, having in seen the object mentioned in the example, or we could cite as exemplificao the keyboard of a same computer or the logicidade of an analogical binary process. Go to Nike for more information.

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Right Life

The response of adults? "Leave me alone, do not ask stupid questions!" That's no longer our children to grow, already in a fairly early age. Our education system also does not develop rights, but only pushes it into the "necessary" framework. Who cares? Yes, anyone. Just a teacher is more convenient to respond only to the usual questions, and everything else to prevent, as heresy. Exceptions, of course, there are, but they only prove the rule. Adults – a special conversation. Many have stopped not only learn, but simply ossified.

And forever! They always know the "correct answers" and always tell you "who is to blame and what to do." The truth, no happiness, no joy, for money it typically does not add. Again, there are exceptions, but then, they are rules to be violated. But to ask questions – the easiest way to self-development. Simple questions like "What I want to achieve in life?" Or "How can I get "will help you not just once or twice an unusual perspective on life can be developed just constantly asking," How else can use (you can put any familiar object or event)? "An example? Please. Tel. How many does now feature-rich mobile phone? So, the best way to change quickly in the right direction – is to ask lots of questions. Including the stupid. Answers to such "silly questions" will allow you to better know the nature of the person with whom you communicate.

And then, the question usually provides the "hook" to specify a different matter. And so on to infinity. If you have a question arose "just so", do not rely on his memory, because nothing just like in life is not happening.

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Self-knowledge And Self-education

The destiny of man – is self-knowledge and self-education. And no need to refer to adverse conditions. Gorky said that man creates himself, not because but in spite of circumstances. And proved the validity of his fate. Marx pointed out that if people live in adverse circumstances, he is the man to make these circumstances human. Then, in the process of converting an imperfect world, people at the same time transform and improve themselves.

If a person, people, society set themselves lofty goals and strive for their implementation, there Antiquity and the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution and the Enlightenment, the great social revolution in England, France and Russia, the industrial revolution and scientific and technological revolution, the path in space and restructuring. Every great epoch were taken out for an arena of great men: Homer and Shakespeare, Robespierre and Washington, dc, Marx, and Goethe, Einstein and Lenin. Make your time, its era of great – it's right and duty of great nations, each of the people living on Earth. Then life itself does not allow people to be petty and vile, to enable them to transcend over itself and destiny. In all the past generations had such an opportunity. And they did their best to live a dignified life.

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The Scholastic

It was in this environment of intense overturn that lived Toms de Aquino (1224-1275), in the City of Rocasseca, Italy. 2.A Scholastic and the symbol of the medieval universality With the Iluminismo, century XIII passed to be considered as ' ' century of trevas' ' , because as already it was displayed previously, it was a period marked for the authority and predominance of the Church Catholic on all the Society, valley to stand out that with the predominance and authority of the Church, the terrena life was until then total rejected and imported only the future life. However, it had a significant expansion of knowing in this period, mainly had the creation of the monasteries, in special, of the Franciscanos and Dominican, as well as the sprouting of the Universities. In century XIII texts of the Arab philosophy, as for example, of Averris had passed to be studied, what it gave to beginning to the duel between Reason and Faith, duel mainly promoted by redescoberta of the aristotelian texts, valley to stand out that until the time, the used texts more were of Saint the Augustin that was based on the workmanships of Plato, and they served to base the attitudes of the Church. It is initiated, therefore, the Scholastic that was a method of proper education of the Average Age and its definition is tied with the school idea. The Scholastic stimulates the dialectic, mainly in the relation between Philosophy and Theology. Its importance if must to the fact of that as much suggested answers, how much excited questionings, promoting mainly, debates. The Scholastic represents, therefore, the last period of the Christian thought the Education in the Average Age if it presented in a peculiar way, represented for ' ' quaestio disputata' ' (disputed questions), that they consisted of the education form that gave voice to the interlocutor.

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