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The Natural Law

Thus, the natural right for them comes or has double source: Of a side human reason (Naturalis Ratio) and of another one the LOGO or divine Law. As it can conclude east concept of natural right of the stoic school had a strong influence in the philosophical thought for all time later on the subject. In Rome As he knows himself the Romans did not have the same trajectory in intellectual and philosophical matter that the Greeks. The Romans, indeed, were not philosophers. Its thought was based on all the philosophical systems of the Greek world. Its same history was influenced directly by the Greek culture that became present in the itlica peninsula through its Colonising policy that founded several " distant cities helnicas" (Apoikiai). Nevertheless, one of the most gracious minds of the Roman world, FRAME THULIUM CICERON (106 to 43 AC), follower of the stoic doctrine, with regard to the natural right, had great conceptual successes.

Times it gives to the natural right theological implications, like when it speaks of " a straight originating reason of the divine reason, that it commands to do the good thing and it prohibits contrario". Other times it frames the natural right within the nature, simply, or within " nature of cosas" , like when it express: " The Natural Law is the Supreme inserted Reason in the nature, that commands what there is to do and prohibits contrario". In his treaty OF REPUBLIC it says: " There is a true Law that consists of the straight reason, according to the nature, universal, immutable and eternal, that with its mandates calls to the fulfillment of the obligation and dissuades of the evil with its prohibitions. This Law cannot wholly or partly be annulled nor be countermanded, and not even by the authority of the Senate or the town we can be given of the same. .

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