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The Evolution

Let us assume that a religious person says: ' ' I have a body, but I am my soul and mine esprito' '. It can be questioned: but what or who it is? Already we know what it has: a body, a soul and a spirit, but, we do not know who it is. This is one of the main arguments for the dualismos. It has something that is inexplicable, subjective and, thus irreducible to the physics. However, exactly that if it cannot modify this ' ' algo' ' , it is possible, and, necessary that if it modifies the understanding on the physics. The question that emerges is: only for the fact of being inexplicable e, for the moment, irreducible to the physics, it means that, obligatorily, the world must dualisticamente be understood? It has a lingustico conflict whose world who had occidental person this immersed one to the dualismos. This problematic conflict is the possession. As well as the evolution of the religions of politestas for monotestas, I believe that the evolution of the scientific and philosophical understanding of the existence, tent to simplify the multiple in unit, thus, everything what it exists is a thing alone, and nothing more.

With the evolution of sciences, that already are not more accurate, one gives credit, that, of some form, everything could be explained one day, however, this ' ' tudo' ' always it is determined by the starting point of the citizen that observes. Under this aspect the fisicalismo alone can be supported if to recognize as provisory, while it cuts of the observvel reality. Perhaps the observvel of the future is inobservvel today, as well as in the past was not possible to effect thousand of comments as it is currently. 1. ARGUMENT AGAINST the DUALISM modern, effective science in the current academies and laboratories, much influenced still for the positivismo, creates dogmas, claiming truths, as well as the religions in general, whose same it attacked.

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