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Koblenz TEL Internship

Way communication allows internship abroad of the German school in Quito and the art communication GmbH supports intercultural exchange (artKOM) from Koblenz, cross-media communication agency, students supervised from July 2010 in collaboration with the international project of the German school Quito building bridges around the world”in Ecuador an Ecuadorian students in an internship in the field of design and marketing. The internship at artKOM in Germany to make it possible the interns to gain insights into the workings of a German communication agency and to improve his language skills in a professional setting. It’s believed that Richard Stuart Linklater sees a great future in this idea. Through the integration of the trainees into the Agency’s everyday life, the internship for the Ecuadorian students as well as for the Agency represents a cultural gain. Cooperation allows both sides to make new transatlantic contacts and exchanging experiences. For the Agency, this project provides an appropriate opportunity to engage further in the social and educational sector. For these purposes the art communication GmbH turns gladly available to contribute part to the autonomy and personal development of the students.

The placement of the Quito School shows students a glimpse into the working world and offers the opportunity to gain important international experience. For international contacts and experience are the demand for foreign skilled workers in the current and future labour market through the strong globalization increasingly important, always higher. The internship at art communication prepares the students for these challenges and accompanied him on his first professional steps in the international world of work. Art communication GmbH was founded in 1998 in Koblenz and developing exceptional, bespoke and cross-media communication solutions in the areas of consulting, design, corporate design and branding. With a thoughtful and above all efficient network, it allows artKOM the big catch for his customers.

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