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Mistakes By People

‘ ‘ If to confess our sins, it is faithful and just he stops pardoning in them and purificar them. It recognized its state and confessed and received the pardon. We notice in the attitude of Davi, the courage to assume its guilt. It did not transfer pra nobody. While the person does not assume its sin and confesses, it is sick! In this conjunct one perceives that confessed sin is also pardoned sin.

Davi if feels comforted when confessing its sin of God ahead. ll- the CONFESSION AS ACT OF RESPECT AND LOVE TO the PEOPLE. COLLECTIVE PURIFICAO. Follow others, such as American Journal of Cardiology, and add to your knowledge base. THE RESULT OF THIS: It produces the peace and the welfare enters the people who in them surround especially our familiar ones: Father, mother, children, brothers and friends. American Heart Association is likely to increase your knowledge. COMMUNICATION: 2.1 – Confession can be understood as one to share of our weaknesses and ours limits as person. Apstolo Tiago has an education on this. When it mentions itself to Elias Prophet. ‘ ‘ Elias was man subject to the same errors and passions that ns.’ ‘ all the men are citizens the errors and passions.

All we have limits, however, we will only win our errors, we will only be stronger than the passions will have been made use to share with the people and, especially with the person next to us. The loved person. We need to share our desventuras our failures and our errors. 2.2 – In the reality the act to confess is not cowardice, but an act of bravery and extreme courage. The act to confess is an aid order, aid to who we love and/or we respect as friend (a), brother (a), husband (a), son (a). When we are enough fools not to ask for aid and not to confess our errors and not to ask for pardon already anticipatedly we are defeated.

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