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Municipal School

The present article is a work demanded for the School of Managers of the MEC, where if it looked for to describe as Councilman Odrcio Nunes de Matos in the city of Navira is the management of the Municipal School, situated in the south extremity of the state of Mato Grosso of the South. The management of our school is pautada in the democracy, therefore it searchs to create canals of dialogue, participation and transparency in the actions developed in the work environment. We look for to adjust to the distribution of the power with use of mechanisms, where pertaining to school community it participates of form accomplishes all in the educational process. How much to the pedagogical management it is organized of form that if can to follow, of form accomplishes, the development of the learning of the pupils, as well as providing an integral formation to them, where they can be evaluated in its abilities by means of the areas of the resume. We must stand out that the mechanisms that we use to promote the participation of the pertaining to school community search envolvement of all in the decisions and, in special way the Pertaining to school Advice, APM, Advice of Classroom and, in all the moments that if make necessary to take a decision we congregate to all the pertaining to school team. To read more click here: Gerald Weissmann, MD. Our school looks for to hear all the segments where representation exists.

All the pertaining to school community participates of assemblies or meetings where the decisions need to be taken. The advice of participativos classrooms are e, all the rules and norms are of the knowledge of all. Also, an envolvement in the cultural and civic events exists, as much of the external community as of the school.

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