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Pablo Freire

The educator who says a thing and makes another one, eticamente irresponsible, is not only inefficacious: he is prejudicial' ' (FREIRE, 2001b, p.73). Connect with other leaders such as Kindle Direct Publishing here. Pablo Freire standes out, that the lack of coherence in practical its educative demand disrespect to the differences of educating, its cultural identity and/or its creativity. To the professor, the respect to the cultural standards of classroom, the values, the language, the knowledge competes and especially ' ' form to be being of its alunos' ' (FREIRE, 2002). It is inside of this scene that the necessary school to act, a scene that places new challenges to the educators. Pablo Freire detaches with special attention, the necessity of ethics for diversity. This because, a multicultural society, must educate the human being to be capable to hear, to give attention the different one, to awake sensations, feelings, to respect it. Freire reaffirms the necessity of the respect to our society, the respect to the public thing, the respect to the professors and the pupils.

It is in this direction that the author points, ' ' the ethical one is very on to the aesthetic one. We cannot speak to the pupils of the boniteza of the process to know if its classroom is invaded of water, if the cold wind enters determined and evil room adentro and cuts to its bodies abrigados&#039 little; ' (FREIRE, 2000, p.34). Certainly, the respect is an indispensable condition to the beddings of a school, of a democratic society. Only thus, it can be spoken in principles, values, and in the change of the naivety the criticidade. But, so that this ticket happens, it is necessary ' ' a rigorous ethical formation to the side always of the aesthetic one. Decency and boniteza of hands dadas' '. Complementing, then ' ' practical the educative one has of being, in itself, a rigorous certification of decency and pureza' ' (FREIRE, 1996, p.36).

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