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Popular Methods Of Learning Foreign Languages

Have been developed many methods to teach students foreign languages. The earliest methods were created on the basis of programs for the study of Latin and Greek (ie, dead languages), it is not surprising that they offer the learning process is limited to reading and translation. Grammatical-transferable (traditional) method This method originated in the late eighteenth century and finalize by mid-twentieth, received the title of the grammatical-conversion method. In accordance with this methodology, knowledge of the language – it means to own grammar and vocabulary. As for the texts, it usually is, so-called artificial texts which are not so important that a student will say, as important as he says, that is, the meaning is almost irrelevant. The traditional method of learning foreign languages now mercilessly criticized: Methodists believe that learn from it slowly and properly.

And the end result of training is usually equal to zero, while the 'victims' of grammatical techniques complain afterwards that, despite excellent grades in the course of training and knowledge of all grammatical rules, after some time they can recall only one or two phrases from the textbook. The traditional method of learning foreign languages – an ideal tool for creating a language barrier, because trainee does not express himself, begins to speak, but simply combines the memorized words, following certain rules. Nevertheless, until the late 50's grammar-pereovodnoy method was almost the only one using it taught almost everyone. But already in the mid-50's began to emerge for alternative methods of teaching foreign languages.

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