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Professional Translator

Perform transfers from time to time is not so difficult, but if you want to work in a professional translation agency, you must have the following key skills: knowledge of the source language and target language on a high level, basic knowledge of certain subjects, be disciplined and continuous improvement. Firstly, if you want to become a competent professional translator, you will need an excellent knowledge of at least two language. Knowledge of the source language is a basic requirement for novice translators. Take, for example, A-Y translation, before you convert the text to the Ukrainian translation need to text analysis: to understand what type of texts it is what it tells you to parse syntactic structures and stylistic devices, as well as the cultural connotations. Otherwise, get the exact translation will not work.

In addition, more than knowledge of the original language, must be proficient in the target language (in this case Ukrainian). When you have entrusted to complete the transaction, so that would make it clear to the experts certain area of knowledge that can read and speak only the target language, you should know well how to communicate and organize the text, what words and phrases should be used in the translation. In a nutshell, excellent knowledge of at least two languages – the foundation of a translator. Except knowledge of languages is also necessary to have knowledge of several topics on which you want to specialize. Plain text can be divided into genres according to the context and purpose of the text. For example, the language of news, research, the language Technology, etc. For example, for the translation of scientific and technical text may require knowledge of physics, medicine, architecture, electronics, law and others are also important background knowledge interpreter, so we need as much as possible to read different literature and follow the news. And the last requirement – a discipline.

If you want to translate a book from one language to another, you will need to complete returns. This task can be a real torture for untrained interpreters. If the book of 100,000 words, and assume that you translate 5000 words a day, then that would translate the book to work for 20 consecutive days. Newcomers will be very difficult early days, and they would need rest day or two, but if the timing was pressing need to work faster. Professional translators are always first consider the amount of work, then calculable, how many words or characters, they can move during the day and up schedule. Professional translators are not so simple as it might seem. For what would it be, you must constantly improve their language skills, gain professional knowledge by reading selected genres and topics, as well as to develop discipline, which is very useful in their work.

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