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School Inclusion

When it is said in inclusion, everything seems to be pretty and wonderful but it is not well thus! Unhappyly it seems that for some educators the inclusion was exactly only in the qualification certificates which are valid 1 the 2 points in its careers therefore what to learn itself really with this qualification it seems not to have changed its look for this question, that is not only to methodologies, if being able or not, but yes of the rejection human it for another human being. Educators whom fear has to break paradigms, that faithful follow cartilha of the excluinte educational burrocracia of 80 years 70 and e90.Ainda if it was alone due to qualification to deal itself with these people special but the problem goes beyond, are not to want the presence of them, he is to be emburrado with the director who accepted this pupil and that now this educator if sees debtor to work with this pupil. You may want to visit FASEB Journal to increase your knowledge. When I worked for the first time with inclusion, I was with fear, anxiety and terror, therefore month was not enabled or the chemical preparation to deal so little with that pupil what it would go to work with it in classroom. The doubts were enormous: – It will be that I go to give account to teach this special pupil? now, what I make? It had little time and it needed to take a decision: I help or it or I leave it of side, played I sing in it of my room for believing that it does not go to learn, that it will not follow the group etc! Clearly that, my decision as educator who swore in the act of my formation to help to all the pupils, I decided ajud0lo leaving of the approach of this pupil, looking for to more make entire a little to me on it, its its life its familiar etc.

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