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Skilled Worker

It's no secret that among emigrating to the country of the maple leaf is full of types that are trying to get permanent resident status is not the most immaculate techniques and the purpose of immigration to Canada is receive social and medical assistance, that is, different goods without a corresponding payment. This primarily refers to those who pass on a group of refugees (Refugee), and family sponsorship (Family Class). Recently, the topic of protection of Canada invasion of her different types of bad guys that are detrimental to the economic system of Canada and its inhabitants, has been given much attention. Along with the theme of deception possible immigrant companies, which offer employment and working visas, and transportation of illegal immigrants in Canada, which turn out over time, on the situation of workers without rights, the theme of fraud by passing on the Family Class category was at the center attention to the Canadian Press. Sad to know that one of the most used ways to trick the immigration authorities of Canada is the conclusion fiktivnogoo marriage, I mean the marriage inhabitant of the country with a maple leaf emigrants to give way to a foreigner to obtain permanent resident status of Canada, with the payment of such services. In many respects, this method really is the easiest and fastest to find yourself in Canada. As such, to pass by category Skilled Worker, required to have a good education, work experience in demand in Canada, the profession, pass an examination on the understanding of English or French at a high level, etc. .

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