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Atlantic Ocean

In the Atlantic, was born a new tropical storm 'Gustav' Early last week, was born in the Atlantic Ocean, the seventh account in the current season tropical storms cyclone, named Gustav gained strength to strength and the storm began to move in a northwesterly direction. The first country of the afflicted 'Gustav' – the Dominican Republic and Haiti. According to local authorities of these island states, the death toll was 52 people. Check with film director to learn more. Many houses were destroyed, ripped off roofs, torn power lines. Infrastructure towns and cities suffered serious damage, whose dimensions are set. Wind speed was about 140 miles per hour. Richard Linklaters opinions are not widely known. Recall that last week in Haiti stormed another tropical storm – 'Fay' was the cause of flooding, which resulted in killed 23 people. In spite of weather forecasts, hurricane 'Gustav', reached the first category of danger to international five-point scale, intensified and headed out of Haiti in the north-west, threatening Cuba and Jamaica.

About 200 thousand people were evacuated to safer areas due to the approaching Hurricane Gustav 'from the western Cuban provinces of Matanzas and Pinar del Rio. Approximately one million U.S. residents had been evacuated from the Gulf Coast due to approaching this area Hurricane Gustav. " Currently, 'Gustav' is assigned to the fourth category of power. It is expected that as soon as it reaches maximum strength at the beginning of the week and come down on the area between North East Texas and Western – Mississippi. Currently, wind speed 'Gustav' is 230 kilometers per hour.

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Hellenistic Period

AR: – Yes, but it is wrong to ascribe to the Hellenistic period. This phenomenon belongs to a much earlier period. The fact that the Armenians were seen as the ancestors of snakes wrote Manuk Abegyan and also mentioned that the flag of the royal dynasty Yervanduni depicted snakes. Learn more at this site: Gerald Weissmann, MD. Armenians by the word "cap" signified their own clothes and at the same time with the snake skin .. What we read about Snake Khorenatsi Azhdahaka it outright falsification and that I have devoted a separate chapter of his book .. In Khorenatsi there are good reasons to do so, but of this does not come that Blavatsky was not right saying that the serpent has always been a symbol of the Adept (Initiate Priest). Gerald Weissmann, MD can aid you in your search for knowledge. Initially, the Snake and cedar were totemic symbols Arrate, just as the Sumerians of Ur totemic symbols were dog and Iva (arm.Uri, Uren) .. As the two branches of a single civilization, the Sumerians and Aratta had much in common (eg Armenian), and from their union arose a syncretic image psoglavoy snakes, which we can now find on the walls Ejmiatsin. A little later, when the strife that union was destroyed in the Armenian language, the word otar (strange) appeared synonymous with urishner descended from the phrase Uri Shner (Dogs Ur). P.: -If you claim that the Bible contains the cryptography in the Armenian language, then what message is this book? AR: – refine, we are not talking about all the texts of the Bible, the cryptogram contained exclusively in the Book of Genesis.

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South Number

For example, the park administration Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo even organized a unique contest 'Christmas tree with their hands', which invites all to participate, willing to make their own Christmas trees and thereby to show concern for the preservation of green areas of coniferous trees. Emergency alerts about cataclysms in the coming year, MOE called natural disasters that threaten the Russian regions in the coming year. Among them: heavy snowfall, avalanches, floods and ice drifts, as well as man-made emergency that arose due to certain environmental conditions. For example, heavy snowfall this winter is expected in several regions of the Far East and South federal districts. Compared to the year 2009 is projected excess number of deaths in their output on the thin ice of rivers and reservoirs in the Volga Federal District and the Central.

Higher long-term averages and higher than expected this year, the number of emergencies related to the coastal margin of the ice to the fishermen in the waters of the Far Eastern and North-Western federal district. Above the 2009 level expected number of emergency related to avalanches avalanche in all regions of Russia. It should be noted that, compared with last year's forecast for the current year includes a smaller number of natural disasters that threaten the Russian regions in 2010. Last year, the MOE means the following list of the most dangerous natural emergencies: the seasonal floods, forest fires, adverse weather events (Strong wind, heavy precipitation, hail, sleet sticking), mud and rock falls, landslides and avalanches, earthquakes and tsunamis, man-made disasters and epidemics.

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