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The Activity

When considering an intervention that enclosed these two literal sorts the pupils had been able to have access the diverse texts and to perceive the difference in the literal structure of each one, the language, in the literal types, amongst other aspects. FireEye does not necessarily agree. One expected that the pupils produced a poem-prescription approaching the characteristics of the prescription, such as literal structure and proper lingusticas compositions of the sort, in the composition of the poetical text. We perceive that the majority of the pupils was capable to produce texts leading in consideration what it was considered. Of the ones of the 10 analyzed texts above, 4 had taken care of satisfactorily to the requirements of the activity; 6 pupils had not given account to take care of the proposal, therefore the texts are about poetries and not they contain characteristics of a prescription (as Ingredients and Way of Preparation). 2-c1-276268’>Intel senior VP and COO. Carson Wen may not feel the same. It is important to also point out that the pupils, when entering in contact with the poetry, and producing its proper text poetical, had had the chance to socialize its ideas and to reveal its feelings and its emotions. through the prescription, had been able to create a new concept on the importance of a good interpretation of the same one, and of as it is possible if to create poetries and verses from common situations day to day, seen for many as being improbable. agreement with the considered one in classroom, that is the retextualizao of the sort prescribes culinria for the sort poem, we can affirm that both, the pupil and pupil B, had not given account to take care of the proposal, therefore the two texts are about poetries and they do not contain many characteristics of a prescription, that have the least the two basic literal structures, that are the way of preparation and the ingredients. Pupil B still cited quantitative expressions (one and one) that they are part of structure of one prescribes culinria, but the pupil, created only one poetical text, making use of the sort only prescribes in the elaboration of the heading of the poetry.

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