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The Defence

The space of painting or drawing, a limited edges or frame, a kind of field activities artist, and ‘order’ they need to successfully and as appropriate to the task, the work looked like an organic, beautiful and convincing. In a well layed-out picture of all elements and details fit and are linked, so Okay, and cleverly, as they say, ‘nor subtract nor add ‘ Solve the track – this means not only finding the right mix of magnitude images for the front and the general plan (‘background’), but also to achieve a harmonious interaction all components of the picture as the main and secondary of its facilities. Imagine that before you picture, say, ‘The Defence of Sevastopol’ A. . Cloth considerable size, colorful, imaginative, fascinating. The location of the frame horizontal, elongated so that the width is more than twice the height.

This explains why the opposing forces, painted, arranged horizontally. On the left side is ‘Light’ pieces of seafarers with the right ‘dark’ figures of the Nazis. Severity of conflict underscore the bayonets, which are also aimed horizontally. Compositional structure is largely determined yet and the presence of both dynamic and static elements. Going on the attack of the war, or dive the aircraft depicted in the motion, and the figure of a fallen soldier or, for example, the ruins of houses – at rest.

Relationship between the figures, elements and parts of the picture, as befits a composition, carefully designed by the artist. Battle plot – this is primarily a struggle, a fight, but the picture there is a unity of parts and fragments. However, the viewer’s attention focuses on the protagonist – Figure of a sailor with a bunch of grenades, which certainly is a compositional center of the picture. Artist apply to your work-contrast spectral palette. Vivid imagery of the canvas largely determine the dark-red glow in the upper part of the picture, the yellow-pink stones and cobalt blue waves of the sea. Dramatic moment stresses blue-green, almost black uniforms, light cream sailor shape and dark blue jack, soaring on a background of clubs smoke. Now a few words about the stages of formation of composition in visual art. Before we get started, try to visualize, imagine a line or the contours of a future image. This kind of plan, a framework for action to help implement the plan. To begin to determine what the most appropriate location of the leaf, horizontal or vertical.

If you are running ‘from nature’ can be ‘direct’ in object frame viewfinder, cut from cardboard or thumbs and index fingers, folded ‘rectangle’. Very helpful before major work to perform one or more small sketches in black and white and in color. Remember that in the picture track mainly consists of bars and lines, and painting all the color is determined, the relationship of different color patches. To develop a ‘spectacular’ skills, good times begin work immediately with , bypassing the so-called ‘pencil’ stage. Good exercise can be filled, and more precisely the organization of paper space by some abstract elements – the strokes, lines or scenic spots. Do not be afraid to experiment!

And finally, the last one. As you can see the role of composition in the arts is enormous. The value of the layout in the learning process underestimated, too, no. Do not forget about it Whatever you create – a monumental canvas, or merely melenky sketch. Good luck and success in work!

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