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The Pupil

Thus, the individuals, when entering the school, also face some expectations, want either on the part of the professors, the parents or the colleagues. When these are not reached, start to receive labels that, in accordance with the repetition intensity, will be able to take the pupil to internalizar it and to develop a learning difficulty. Please visit ForeScout Technologies Inc. if you seek more information. In this direction, Piletti (2006, P. 24), mention that one of the factors that the learning also harms it can be the school, which, most of the time, follow an inadequate system to the development of the child when it annuls the existence of this in detriment of an adaptation to the society and to the proper school. Such fact would have to occur in inverse way, that is, the school if to adapt to the necessities of the pupil, being considered the child in its totality and peculiarities, as a pertaining being the determined familiar, social and cultural group. Thus, one becomes important to evaluate the origin of the factors, which will be able to vary since the performance of the professor, its methodology, its relation with the pupil and the pertaining to school environment as a whole. Ahead of the proposal of the facilitadoras conditions of Rogers and the socioconstrutivismo of Vygotsky, presented previously, it is given credit that this situation can be modified, taking in consideration the particularitities of each individual in the act to teach and to learn. This position could function as a preventive attitude to problems related to the learning. As it affirms Bucher (1996, p.32 cited by LEATHER STRAP 2004, p.139): The preventive education when pautar with the global objective ' ' to teach viver' ' (and to live well) it will have to keep a constant interface with the sectors social, cultural and economic, so that it can serve as vector of a human progress integrator; in this direction, it is interminable, following the man throughout its passage, indicating to it beacons to better continue with the goals and the challenges of its existence, placing its disposal instruments technician, cultural and artistic so that if it can enable and recycle.

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