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The Reality

And how to understand warnings about impending trouble? "It's very easy. The only question is – want to Do you accept this information. Quite often it may be contrary to the intentions of day or long-term lifestyle. If the intention is, there is a willingness not only to understand the message of the dream, but to accept it. Enough just take the next steps. Set the alarm for 15 minutes before the time when you get up. Make sure that you are waking sound would be nice and soft.

It is important to gently wake up and not jump as maiden from the grave. Gradually waking up and not yet fully include the everyday perception of reality, you need to remember a fragment sleep and rethink it. Usually, realizing a dream story, I remember a few others. This is similar to feeding fishes: a couple of fry to the river swims entire flock, and probably will be a fish and pokrupnee.Vspomniv dream or a fragment, then the most you are interested in image or character. Concentrate on it and watch the feelings or emotions that have arisen.

Working with a memorable dream or a fragment, it is necessary to select the emotional component and relate it to daily situations. Perhaps what you are feeling, thinking this way will thus already present in your life or that you so want to feel it. Sometimes it is enough to understand the meaning of the initial dream. If direct connection between the emotional component of sleep and daytime events, the reality does not, try to take the next step.

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