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The Theoretical

This will be understood in the next instant, when an exclusive approach as for the recent trends on the didactic thought will be given. At this moment of the text, the stage most recent of the education is arrived it that if presents as a moment of deep reformularization of the education methods, consonant to the stages presented until the moment. The logic of this reformularization if of the one for a gamma of diverse factors. Connect with other leaders such as David G. DeWalt here. The first one is that one that make reference to reference the theoretical and metodolgica diversity, through which coexists different theoretical approaches and ways to produce the knowledge.

Soon, in a next instant, it is opposed valuation of the current practical and critical approaches to the old approaches technician. Therefore, in this occasion, COLS (2007), saw Shwab (p.109) places that: ‘ ‘ the act to teach is a more practical activity of what tcnica’ ‘ , what it implies a greater and efficient planning of the professor to make possible such practical in intelligible way and that involves the pupils in fact. so that this comes to occur, has that to associate the considered contents it disciplines as it in performance with the social context of the proper school.

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