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Third Moment

The angular goat-blind person is a recreativo game where one of the participants, vendados eyes, looks for to guess and to grasp the others, through angular coordinates, given for a participant of the trick (To cite of where you took off this trick). Third Moment After the basic slight knowledge on angles carried through in 1 and 2 moment, was commented that, to survey all type of opening with precision, degree was necessary to create a unit of called measure. Thus, the transferidor was presented for the pupils. To follow, it was justified function of the transferidor and the form of as we can observe its measures. Then, we comment that the transferidor is formed by a composed circular scale for sections of circle that are divided and marked in regularly spaced angles, in the same way that in a ruler. Figure 3: Transferidor To show as the transferidor it is used, a sheet of paper A4 was delivers for each one of the pupils. This leaf contained the figure of a triangle. To follow, a challenge was considered that it requested that the pupils drew in the notebook, a similar triangle to that one delivers previously.

To carry through this mission, the pupils had needed to measure with a ruler, the sides that formed the base and the height of the triangle and to determine, with the aid of a transferidor acquired previously for the pupils, the angles of the sides that join base to the top of the triangle. To verify if the construction she was correct, the pupils had overlapped to the notebook leaf in which they had constructed the triangle on the figure drawn in the sheet of paper A4 delivers for each one of them. Room Moment In this stage, the use of the transferidor and the ruler allowed that the pupils deepened the knowledge on angles through problems took that them to reflect on the necessary conditions for the construction of diverse and distinct triangles.

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