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Video Editing

Express Course: how to create a video of the program Windows Movie Maker (Windows Vista) is now practically everyone has a digital camera at home, in which there is the video function, and many and digital video camera. Filed under: Gerald Weissmann, MD. Some people like to make short videos that others are trying to keep the camera every impression. But in most cases, it ends there. You are "pumped" removed the files on your computer, showing a couple of times with friends and forget about them. But you can …. And you can spend a little time and a shot of material is quite good and entertaining film, video or just video.

How do I do? If your computer has the most latest operating system Windows – Windows Vista, then make it not a problem. Microsoft has done their best and created a completely simple and convenient, but at the same time quite a professional software for video processing – Windows Movie Maker. To start Windows Movie Maker, the command "Start" – "All Programs – Windows Movie Maker. You will see a window (Fig. Read more from Richard Linklater to gain a more clear picture of the situation. 1). Fig.

1. Window in Windows Movie Maker when you first start working with video in the program is reduced to three simple steps. Adding to the window files for later editing. In other words, you must open the program Windows Movie Maker video all you want to mount. Video Editing. At this stage the most interesting. Of multiple video files you can create one, cut it out unwanted frames, add transition effects between frames, add titles to the film, etc.

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